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5 Surprising Facts About Seafood

a close up of many different types of food

Seafood is enjoyed all around the globe. Although different cultures enjoy it differently, the category of seafood as a whole is extremely popular! If you’re like most people, you probably spend more time eating your meals than you do learning about them. Seafood has so many different types of flavors and possible combinations, it’s no surprise that there are surprising facts about seafood lots of people don’t know! Check out these 5 surprising seafood facts so you’ll have a great conversation starter next time you’re enjoying a plate from the sea.

1.    Crabs Can Survive Under Harsh Conditions

Crabs are extremely resilient sea creatures. In fact, they’ve even been found under large ice glaciers and around the base of volcanic vents! Crabs can survive under some of the harshest oceanic conditions that other sea life can’t tolerate.

2.    Lobster Used to be a Food for Poor People

In today’s world, lobster is seen as a status symbol. It comes with a high price tag and can be found in top-scale restaurants around the world. Would you believe that during colonial times lobster was a poor person’s meal? It’s true! Lobster could be found easily and in abundance, so it became a popular meal for prisoners and low-income families.

3.    Crab Meat is Graded

Crabmeat is graded based on where on the crab it comes from, similar to beef. Crabmeat from the claws is the lowest grade meat because it’s harder to chew and has a fishier flavor. Larger pieces of meat from the crab legs are graded higher. Higher graded crab meat has a smooth texture, buttery flavor, and a higher price tag!

4.    Overfishing Has Harmed the Red Snapper Population

Red snapper is a popular addition to seafood menus because of its smooth texture and mild flavor that pairs well with other foods. Unfortunately, the high demand for red snappers has led to overfishing. Overfishing puts the entire species at risk without intervention. Thankfully, programs have been put in place to help manage the amount of red snapper fishing that takes place. If these programs are followed, the red snapper population will be back at a healthy level in 10 years.

5.    Certain Tuna Can Exceed 300 Pounds

When you think about tuna you probably don’t imagine something that weighs more than some people. After all, sometimes it’s packed into a tiny little can! Some varieties of tuna are small and don’t weigh much, but yellowfin tuna can easily exceed 300 pounds! The average weight is closer to 125 pounds, but there’s been fish up to 388 pounds reported.

Seafood is delicious, good for you, and truly an interesting topic to learn more about. Stop into Summer Shack to get your seafood fill tonight or call to place a carryout order, and don’t forget to impress your friends with these fun seafood facts! Book your reservation online!