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How to Tell if a Lobster is Fresh

raw oysters, shrimp, and a lobster

Enjoying fresh lobster is something that many people look forward to all winter long. There’s nothing better than digging into a delicious lobster on a hot summer’s day. The flavor and texture of the meat is unmatched. There’s a reason lobster is known for being a gourmet meal! When you’re purchasing your own lobster to make at home, it’s important to purchase a fresh lobster. Old lobster won’t have as good of a flavor and will be harder to chew after cooking, which defeats the whole point of spending money on lobster in the first place. Follow these tips to identify a fresh lobster versus one that has been sitting for far too long! 

Is it Lethargic? 

Lobsters that are sitting in a tank and barely moving are not fresh. The livelier and more rambunctious a lobster is in the tank, the fresher it is. You can pick a lobster up behind the claws and around the neck area to see how lively it really is. Drooping claws and minimal movement are telltale signs that the lobster has been sitting too long and has become lethargic. 

Look at the Shell and Antennas 

Another way to determine how long a lobster has been in a tank is by inspecting their shell and antennas. A shell that has moss or seaweed growing on it belongs to a lobster that’s definitely not fresh. Lobsters with antennas that are bent, damaged, or missing parts have been in a tank with other lobsters for quite some time. Lobsters will eat anything they can reach, including the antennas of other lobsters in the tank. A lobster that’s been added to the tank recently will have a clean shell and antennas that aren’t damaged. 

Find a Reputable Seller 

Pay attention to supply and demand before choosing a seller to purchase your lobster from. A location that has a slow turnover and less sales will have lobsters that have been sitting for longer than a seller who sells out their entire tank each day. The same goes for purchasing lobster in a restaurant. Reputable restaurants that sell a lot of lobster are more likely to have fresh lobster than a restaurant who only sells a few plates of lobster a week. 

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